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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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what the state could be doing, next. around the water front and at&t park, we have low clouds and drizzle for you this morning. but some spots in the bay area today making a run at 90 degrees. look at the summer like changes in your forecast, coming up. others making a run at the weekend. so we're hoping for a lighter friday flow. we'll track that traffic though. this is already starting to build. let's take a peek outside, oh, what a lovely start to our friday morning. august 15th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm kris sanchez. it is going to be a big weekend for the 49ers. >> i would say. they're looking to win their first ever home game at levi stadium. >> bay area transit agencies have a new game plan to deal with the large crowds. its been kind of a mess there so far. >> let's check in with "today in the bay's" bob redell. he joins us live this morning.
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they're promising to learn from the first event. that happened a couple of weeks ago. >> reporter: that's what they say they've done, but keep in mind, a couple of weeks ago when the earthquakes opened up levi stadium here, there were only 48,000 fans. come this sunday, when the 49ers have their preseason opener against the broncos at 1:00, they're expecting a sellout crowd of 70,000 fans. you're looking at 22,000 extra people coming in. not only are the people running the show trying to learn from the last game, they're also having to deal with a lot more people. so traffic wise, what the city will be doing is open more lanes on major routes into the stadium. the engineers have tweaked the traffic signals. they have more policemaning the intersections that caused the biggest asks two weekends ago and more portable signs. the parking lots, more lots available including the massive great america lot which wasn't open the last time around. now one thing the team would like fans to do, follow the
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customized directions to your parking spot. apparently many people ignored those the last time around. then you have the valley transit authority. the vta. you might recall after the quake's game, there were waits of an hour, if not longer to get on the trains. vta's aware of that. what they have done is they have going to be adding an extra express bus line so they'll have six instead of five this sunday. they'll also be running extrab trains and will have buses running in parallel with the train routes to the stadium. again to hopefully the idea is to avoid the havocs that fans had when the earthquakes played two weekends ago. the city, the police, the vta and the team have met since two weeks ago and they say they are hoping that what they have come together, what they have tweaked will make it much more
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palletable. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." ♪ how's that for a fitting way to shut down the stick? sir paul mccartney performing some of the same songs he did nearly 50 years ago in the same spot. candlestick park was the site of the last beatles concert in 1966. and last night, thousands of people returned to the stick to relive that nostalgia and sir paul did not disappoint. >> how was it? >> incredible. >> he surpassed our expectations, really, really good. >> the concert got rave reviews, traffic was a different story. some people said they were stuck in traffic for three hours or more just trying to get a parking spot. starting to listen to the concert in the car. >> yeah, that was a tough one. >> check out for a slide show of the more important moments at candlestick as well. so many memories made over the years. we'd love to see your photos and
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videos from the mccartney concert last night. sent them to >> quite a show, it was amazing. >> tired, but oh so worth it. >> to see a beatle, it was incredible. it was nice. rob mayeda is in, i asked you yesterday what's the forecast for the stick there, and you were right on the money. >> breezy and cool, the reason why laura lost sleep last night, well she was taking pictures like that at concert. 200 feet you could see the view there, fog over the top of the candlestick, of course keep sending your pictures in. fun event out there at candlestick. now the air apparent this weekend, no fog or chilly weather at levi stadium. early afternoon, temperatureses there as the 49ers take on the broncos in the mid-80s. now morning, the fog, which moved over candlestick has gone all the way across the east bay
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this morning. not quite to the tri-valley or into the santa clara valley, but the area seeing the fog around the peninsula and san francisco little bit of drizzle at times for the morning. then clearing across the baby lunchtime and for the afternoon, valley temperatures, that's the change to the forecast. they're going to tlot it will up a little bit in terms of temperatures here over the next couple of days. 85 in san jose. san francisco, not much change for you. upper 0u with patches of low clouds. north bay, numbers coming up into the mid to upper 80s today. low 90s towards the tri-valley and the five day trend will take ur temperatures into the low 90s as we start off the weekend, and then see a little bit of cooling as the sea breeze picks up, approaching monday. now for a look at the friday commute, here's mike. >> looking towards 8850 where there's a good volume of traffic past the coliseum and high street. there would be more traffic flow here if it weren't for this, look at the maps. slow down still south out of 880. and down through the earlier construction zone. we had construction at
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fruitvale. the crew may have cleared. chp has this on their report. we have the rip that will shows as construction crews clear in the morning. we'll track that. expect slowing south 880 past 980. approach to the bay bridge moving smoothly and so is your drive into the north bay. we don't have the fog that showed up yesterday. however rob says there are low clouds drifting around from time to time. so keep that in mind. nothing unusual for the south bay or the peninsula. the tri-valley shows your typical build out of the altamont pass for westbound 580 and golden gate bridge, we had the crews moving to the north side of the bridge. they are moving the cones in preparation for the morning commute. you can see the lights, but from time to time, we see the lights disappear because clouds drift through, back to you. >> thanks so much. today the state's land commission will decide to move forward with a lawsuit on san francisco to overturn the water front height limits. back in june, they passed prop 8, anyone wanting a new building taller than 105 feet on the water front will need to get it
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approved by voters. just yesterday, the warriors announced preliminary plans for their new stadium and some of the ideas would exceed the limits these set. people in san carlos are fighting back against new parking restrictions with a lawsuit. the city council voted last month to turn the parking lane on holly street into another traffic lane in an effort to reduce congestion. residents say it'll do more harm than good. parking is restricting only during commute hours, but the new ordnance would ban parking from 7:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. attorney representing holly street residents say the city council did not adequately notify them ahead of the vote and the description was not clear. residents are threatening to sue if the city council does not repeal the ordnance. the city says it does not believe there was any misunderstanding regarding that ordnance. 5:07, new trouble for ally baa baa. the irregularity thanks hurt.
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developing this morning in less than an hour, police say they will release the name of the officer who shot a 18-year-old michael brown in ferguson leading to several nights of protest. a week's worth of protests. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us now, steph, there were big changes overnight. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura. there's a deep sigh of relief coming from people in ferguson this morning. it was the town's first peaceful night since michael brown was shot last weekend. look at the comparison, on the
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left you see there overnight video of protesters, but they're keeping order. and a big difference from what you see on the right where you see police launching tear gas into the streets just the night before. another difference yesterday, missouri governor jay nixon announced that a highway patrol captain born and raised in and near ferguson would take over replacing are the st. louis county police chief. jay gray joins us live, and yesterday you described smelling tear gas in the air, imagine different today. >> reporter: yeah, much different. as you've talked about, 24 hours of change here. and ting bears repeating, we have confirmed this morning through the police chief here in ferguson that the name of the officer involved in the shooting death of michael brown will be released a bit later this morning. it's something that this angry community has been asking for since that shooting. so the interesting to see how that effects things here. look, we know maybe it was the strategy, or the new police that is heading up the security here,
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or maybe the calls for an end to the violence from the governor and president obama. whatever the case, things are much different here right now. for the first time this week, ferguson was calm overnight. calm. but by no means quiet. hundreds of protesters still spilled out into the streets. and police still stood guard, but this time, it was a march. not the melee that played out the four nights before. >> there is aen different feel -- a different feel. there's not as much tension, afl great positive force that's in the air. there's a lot of hope here. >> reporter: hope it seems for the first time since michael brown was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. the gas mask and riot gear now gone and state troopers walking with angry residents in a show of unity. >> i was extremely excited.
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almost emotional to the point of tears because the unity between the people regardless of the race, everybody holding hands, lifting up their hand. a sense of release. >> reporter: and relief for this community. led by one of their own. state highway patrol captain ron johnson, a ferguson resident assigned by the governor to take control of security in the city. >> hopefully that they'll go home and say you know what, this is going to be all right. and we gain a sense of trust. >> reporter: trust that doesn't come easy in a community still angry and grieving before at least one night, marching away from the violence that had defined their city in these protests and instead now taking a step toward healing. yeah, now both the protesters and police here seem to understand that while it was
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important it's just one night, and one step in what's sure to be a long an very difficult journey here. that's the latest live in ferg zone, stephanie, back to you. >> reporter: i have to ask you, what's the word as far as what's to come? are two expect more of these protests? >> reporter: yeah, definitely. because the folks in this community who are still angry and still want answers say they've got to make sure their voice is heard. now last night. they had the feeling that they've heard what we're saying, they've brought in the state police, one of our own to coordinate the security, but there's still a lot more questions, and they still want this to be an each, transparent investigation. and so they'll continue they say to march and make sure that voice is heard for as long as it is necessary here. >> reporter: okay jay gray reporting live in ferguson, thank you so much, jay. now ian though it was calmer night there, the outrage over the shooting and killing is spreading throughout the country. arresting ten people in new york overnight. people accused of running
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through the streets and blocking traffic. resists arrest to inciting a riot. there were protests in more than 90 cities including police brutality. including this one yesterday, that's in oakland. another protest is scheduled for tonight at 6:00, held by occupy oakland. meantime, attorney general eric holder spoke to the family of michael brown yesterday, and promised a full independent civil right's investigation. laura. >> all right, thank you very much, steph. just weeks before the chinese tech firm alibaba group was set to release its record breaking ipo. the company announced accountants may have done fuzzy math. the company announced it may not have fully complied with the accounting requirements and probably underestimated how much money it lost. the programs, the problems were found when a new management team was put in place earlier this year. the company's ipo was expected to be bigger even than facebook's $16 billion debut. for a quick check of how the markets are doing so far, and
5:16 am
what we can expect today, we go to simamoody live, good morning. >> good morning, it's actually morgan brennan, we had a little rejiggering this morning. futures are higher after stocks rose again on thursday as geopolitical tensions are easing. best weekly gain in more than a month. we're looking for da tan own inflammation, production, and consumer sentiment. dow rising to 16,713 and nasdaq is up. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, morgan, apologies for that. let's check in with rob mayeda, he is in for christina this morning. the last friday. we've enjoyed having you. >> good job laura coming in after the concert last night. we have the coffee going. >> lots of it. thank goodness it's friday, and coffee in the newsroom. 60s for most of the bay area, expect in the north bay where we're down to 5 # degrees right
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now in santa rosa, you can see the fog hung up over the top of at&t park where you have some misty skies in a few spots around downtown san francisco. 61 right now, and we can show you that closer zoomed in view over the stadium this morning where later on this evening, right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00, we'll have the phillies taking on the san francisco giants. 65 degrees, first pitch temperature there. get all the action beginning at 7:00, first pitch coming up at 7:15 a little bit later on today. right now the low clouds which went pouring over candlestick into oakland and hayward this morning. almost out towards the delta. not quite though, this cloud cover will begin to break up right around 9:00 and 10:00 for the morning. satellite and radar is interesting in that we have the area of low pressure in the pacific northwest. instead of a supersized ridge of high pressure. we have this kind of dip in the jet stream off to the north and upper level low offshore. short term, ridging taking place out of the desert southwest will allow the inland valleys to see
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the temperatures coming up. we saw it a little bit yesterday and it could continue through at least saturday. on the coast, not much change for you, what the high is going to do is squish down the fog and keep it there. as we head towards tonight. low clouds will surge in inland and in the meantime before we get the low clouds pouring in again. valley temperatures will climb into the 80s to close to 90 as we get towards the afternoon. 85 degrees in san jose. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s today. you can see out towards the north bay, we'll see highs in the mid-80s for this afternoon. oakland, 78 degrees later on this evening, we have the lions taking on our oakland raiders. we'll see the numbers in the low 70s around 4:00 eventually dipping into the out of as the game goes on. tri-valley there, temperatures into the low 90s today. that should be close to the trend that will hold up through the weekend. low 90s to kick things off on saturday, then we'll again to see a little bit of cooling as you approach sunday. now for the morning commute, let's go to mike. >> hey rob, thanks for a great
5:19 am
week for covering for me as well that week. nice flow of traffic for 580 westbound, ease kwi drive through livermore and dublin. we'll look at your maps, we're talking about your typical build out of the altamont and over here where we took a live look at the camera, close to the limit by the time you get to el charro. there you go. early slow down for 84 short sorted itself out. and out of livermore over towards 60 likely their destination into the south bay. smoother drive around the rest of your bay moves nicely. south bay, nothing dramatic. 87 shows slowing northbound coming through downtown. throughout the south by, vta system reports no delays and the same thing for the major transit agency including muni and bart. cal train has no problems so far, but we'll track all of these. live look outside, i want to show you what's going on here. this is mist on our camera lens. so the autofocus is focussed on the lens itself. there's enough moisture in the air to cause that. you can see the lyings and no problems as far as the san mateo bridge goes. bay bridge, clearer view and as
5:20 am
rob was talking about, drifting around with visibility on the spoon. no backup at the toll plaza. it's friday, so we should see a later build, but we'll like lie see the metering lights on hey anyway. back to you. >> thanks so much. former east bay teacher accused of sexually abusing 14 students has been cleared of 21 counts of molestation. concord police arrested joseph martin last year. a parent claimed the woodside elementary schoolteacher had inappropriately touched her son and other students came forward claiming martin also inappropriately touched them. martin's lawyer says the teacher was the victim of mass hiser it ya. yesterday a jury found martin not guilty of charges involving three students. they ended up deadlocked on 100 other charges involving 11 other male students. and we continue top get -- to get more details about the days leading up to robin williams death. his wife recently announced the
5:21 am
actor was in the early stages of parkinson's disease when he died. susan snyder says her husband also struggled with depression and anxiety. despite his sudden health, sudden death, fans are remembering the positive moments of william's life. a petition has started on to try to rename the name, the waldo tunnel to the robin williams tunnel. the founder of the petition plans to submit it once it receives 500 signatures. the district coverings part of the north bay including robin williams's home in tiburon. and there are other tributes to williams in the works. the comedy club where he often perform willed hold a special remembrance ceremony on tuesday night. and the producer of the emmy's awards will have a meaningful remembrance. controversial bill to allow public access to the martin's beach is heading to the floor. the bill passed a key committee vote yesterday. it would ask to negotiate a deal
5:22 am
with land owner to allow access to martin's beach. venture capitolist closed can the road to the beach back in 2010. if those talks do not produce a deal by 2016. the state could use its power of eminent domain to buy the road and restore beach access. >> premium i'm sure. 5:22 now, fisherman who caught this massive tiger shark found a way to get back to the community. what he did with some of that catch, coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you, look at that the, a live look at levi stadium this morning where in just a few day they will hold their first ever game inside. it's all illuminated, ready to go. it's a preseason game against the denver broncos on sunday. there will be security measures
5:25 am
in effect, no bags, backpacks, or other carriers like purses. women can only bring, yeah, you better take note. they will turn you around. take you back to your car. women can only bring a small clutch about the size of an adult hand. like a wristlet. one gallon clear plastic bags such as a zip lock are also allowed. and if you bring an oversized bag, i've seen it happen at that soccer game i was there, so many people had to walk back to their cars just to drop off their bags. they won't let it the in, or you have to check it in, remember, there are limited lockers as well or check in your bag completely. just don't do it. get a wristlet. or a zip lock. nearly 100 homeless people in texas had an unusual meal this week. on the menu, this 12 and a half foot tiger shark. fisherman caught the shark earlier this month, and donated 75 pound of shark meat to a homeless outreach organization. a volunteer chef bred it and baked the -- breaded it and
5:26 am
baked the meat. most enjoyed it. there was enough leftover to cook up shark stew next week. i want to check the morning commute now with mike, see how things are rolling on this friday. >> and they're rolling. which is great. we're looking towards fremont, smooth drive, there's the automall parkway sign. truck scales. iconic spots right here for 880. that's just north of mission boulevard with the smooth drive. we have a good a. company for you there. looking at the maps, folks heading through fremont into the south bay where traffic flows nicely in the northbound directions. some of the crews have cleared up, 8 # 0 around steven's creek. overnight crews continue and that's not a surprise. little slow down we saw, speeds just below 60 miles per hour. still showing up for the south bay. pattern there across the dumbarton, san mateo bridges, westbound commute and eastbound counter-commute smooth across the bay. 101, 280, 880, approach to the bridge and construction zone through oakland cleared. a quick look shows you the only
5:27 am
thing we're dealing with are low clouds, you can see the deck, rob, i can't see the top of the tower, clouds drifting around, what do we have today? >> bottoms of the clouds, close to 300 feet off the ground, mike, places like san francisco and the east bay. you have the fog, but you notice over my shoulder, san jose not too bad. clear skies right now. as we head towards the afternoon, san jose near 85 degrees. upper 60s near san francisco with partly cloudy skies and around the tri-valley, warmer today cracking the low 90s in the forecast for pleasanton and livermore, back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:27, new details about a deadly officer-involved shooting involving san jose police. what we're now learning. plus on edge after home robberies in less than a week. a crime spree like this is not normal within its city limits, details, next.
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5:29 am
new calm this morning after days of violent protests over police involved shooting death of a missouri teenager. we'll look at what brought on
5:30 am
the change, next. plus new leadership taking over in iraq. the efforts to stabilize the country coming up. and we're seeing low clouds to start the morning, but afternoon temperatures for inland locations around the south bay and tri-valley warming into the upper 80s to near 90. look at your friday and weekend forecast. coming up. it is friday, but we have the backup forming. of course return to schools for many kids. a shift in your commute. we'll track that, coming up. live look outside at the golden gate bridge, you can't see it in the distance, mist and lots of drops on the lens, it is friday, august 15th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with new developments in missouri.
5:31 am
inless than 30 minutes, police reare -- in less than 30 minutes, police will release the name of the officer that shot michael brown. stephanie chuang, after four nights after clashes, there was a little bit of calm last night. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura. this was ferguson's first peaceful night since michael brown was shot last weekend. look at the comparison on the left hand of your screen. that's overnight video of protesters, that's calm. not quiet, but calm. big difference from on the right-hand side where you see police launching tear gas, that was just on wednesday. not quiet, but it was calm last night. there were still hundreds of people who were in the streets protesting. police did not stand guard nearby, but a big difference. no more riot gear and gas masks. those were gone. instead, state troopers walked with people in a show of solidarity. at least part of this could be due to a change in law enforcement leadership. missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson, a ferguson resident
5:32 am
took control of security replacing the police chief. >> there's a lot of hope here. >> reporter: hope there, and again calmer, but the outrage over the shooting and killing of michael brown is still spreading across the u.s. police arrested ten people in new york overnight. people accused of running through the streets and blocking traffic. those charges ranged from resisting arrest to inciting a riot. also protests in more than 90 cities against police brutality, including this one yesterday at frank o'gala plaza in oakland. there's another protest scheduled for tonight at 6:00 held by occupy oakland. and there is a civil right's, federal investigation, attorney general eric holder speaking to the family of michael brown yesterday and promising a full independent investigation. >> so many people following this one, thank you, steph.
5:33 am
san jose police hope to learn more about a woman that shot and killed by officer. this video shows the actions the moments before she was shot yesterday. you can see in the video. she repeatedly points what looks like a gun towards the officers. well they continuously tell her to drop the weapon. and put her hands up. that weapon turned out to be a power drill painted in flat black paint. police released a picture of the drill yesterday afternoon. neighbors say the whole neighborhood was blocked off. >> i heard it, and i came from the lucky's area, and there was an ambulance already sitting in lucky's. as soon as the gunshot happened, the ambulance came down blossom hill because the street was already blocked off. >> police were initially called because the woman was reportedly threatening her family with an uzi. officer encouraged her to give herself up, but say she confronted them and they to shoot. it happened yesterday morning on blossom hill road in south san
5:34 am
jose. the investigation is ongoing. no one else was hurt. police rurgeing -- urges fremont residents to lock up and be individual rant. three home invasions in the last three weeks. police say in the latest case, two men broke into the home and held a couple at gunpoint. the gunman took off with valuables and financial information. last week police arrested jamala morris broke into an apartment and sexual assaulted her. a few days later, a grandmother was tied up while two suspects ransacked a home. >> it is scary, it's not typical for us. fremont typically sees less than five home invasions a year. in the last two weeks, we've had three. >> neighbors think the suspects got into the gated community through a hole cut in the fence. police are still looking for the people responsible for two of the home invasions.
5:35 am
fremont police and firefighters will be out in force at a college today, don't be alarmed, it's only considered a drill. the police and fire departments are conducting a joint training exercise on the campus which involves delivering medical and high risk situations. if you're in that yay, you may see lots of flashing lights and some pyrotechnics even which police say are to simulate the noise and smoke of an incident. the training exercise starts at 7:00 this morning. ♪ a fitting way to say good-bye, sir paul mccartney rocked candlestick park last night the same way he and the beatles did 48 years ago. 54,000 fans were there to witness the last concert ever at the stick. he did not disappoint. the only thing that was disappointing was the traffic. nannette miranda is live outside
5:36 am
candlestick with that side of the story. we've been hearing from laura, nannette, and folks were really frustrated. >> reporter: oh, very frustrated. many would say that the final event here public ooecht here at candlestick was spoimed by the crazy traffic -- spoiled by the crazy traffic and muni issues. imagine paying hundreds of dollars to see him only to be stuck in long lines. long after the concert started, cars were still backed up for miles trying to get in. you had concert traffic mixed in the with the regular commute traffic. it's easy to see how people misjudge. at least with the 49 game, most are on weekend and fans don't come all in at once. some tailgate and the crowd is in a somewhat metering flow, not last night. the crush happened at once, and leaving the concert was just as messy. >> it is insane, i've been in this crud for over two hours. right here at candlestick.
5:37 am
>> reporter: i looked at the twitter feed for the concert, and i see that people were given a bit of a reprieve with the show starting at least an hour late. others had to abandon cars in a nearby neighborhood and walk the rest of the way. but this is a once in a lifetime event, i heard it was spectacular. so i would doubt that anybody left here disappointed. live at candlestick, nannette miranda for taik. >> once you were in there through a traffic, everything was good. it was worth it. mccartney and the beatles performed their last concert ever together at candlestick park back in 1966. it was one of many memorable events since the venue built for the giants opened in 1960. it was also birthplace of the 49ers dynasty. in the corner of an end zone in january of 1982, dwight clark, yep, he leaped into the air to snag that joe montana pass. touch dwoun less than a minute
5:38 am
left sent them to the super bowl. the catch. in 1987, the stick turned into an outdoor church. pope john paul ii celebrated a mass for 70,000 faithful followers. in 1979, the stick swayed, but didn't crumble. a earthquake right before the world series game against the a's. we posted a slide show on our website, go take a look. the weather was perfect for the concert, outdoor, and of course, we have a big 49ers game the first one at levi stadium and rob has the forecast for all of that. >> wrooer going to see a -- we're going to see a vastly different climate. temperatures quite warm this weekend, right now we have clear skies. beautiful pre-sunrise. currently 63 degrees, but different story around san francisco where you have misty skies and the mist down towards
5:39 am
the san mateo and dum bart an bridges this morning. courtesy of the fog which is pushed inland or the low clouds that pushed inland towards the strait and on the north end of the santa clara valley this morning, you will see a few clouds, wind still onshore, but not as strong as they have been. at least for our inland locations later on today. we're going to see temperatures climbing up. morning drizzle at times, you have the low clouds, valleys warming quickly heading towards the afternoon. 80s to low 90s in the forecast today. including about 85 degrees in san jose. upper 60s near san francisco. you'll notice here for the north bay, mid-80s, tri-valley upper 80s to low 90s in the forecast today. oakland will have the game tonight with temperatures nice and comfortable in the low 70s out there at oakland as the lions take on the radars. and yes the weekend forecast at lee have i stadium looks outstanding. mid-80s around santa clara as the game gets started at 1:00, mike. bay bridge toll plaza where the cash lanes are backing up.
5:40 am
that is a pretty good build for friday. looking at the maps. motte drive for the east bay on the approach. maybe mist, keep that in mind for drivers no, problems and visibility's just fine so far. typical pattern for the tri-valley, 582340 there, there's your slower drives in the typically picking up about now through the tri-valley. the south bay no major delays. 87, the earlier slow down cleared up. let's look at the 92 westbound drive coming off the high-rise. smooth drive across the span, as rob talked about, san mateo and dumbarton may get misty there as well. back to you. >> sounds good. 5:40, iraq's prime minister agrees to step aside. we'll have the latest details in a live report. plus a new test for levi stadium as crews prepare for the first 49ers home game which rob mentioned what santa clara is doing ease the traffic in that area. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone, it is 5:42, there is new leadership in iraq this morning. the country's prime minister has officially stepped down just days after saying he would not give up his seat. "today in the bay's" richard jordan is live on capitol hill this morning with reaction from the u.s. and what this change means for the ongoing conflict in iraq, good morning, richard. >> reporter: hey laura, good morning, naur ri al-maliki -- nour ri al animal -- nouri al-maliki says he was not going to resign. he made the announcement last night and standing right next to be him is the man who's going to take over his seat. the next prime minister. they are trying to present a united front here and that's what the obama administration wants to see. they want to see a new government come to in to try to calm the attention. they're dealing with a crisis out there, isis militants threatening to kill the yazidi
5:44 am
refugees. with the new leadership, there's a step back from the u.s. intervention here. the humanitarian efforts are going to be stop. the food and water drops to the area, no more of those, but there will continue to be air strikes, targeted air strikes on those isis militants. last night, three armored vehicles were targeted just northeast erbil. the pentagon says even though things are looking better, there's reason for optimism. they don't to want let their guard down here with the terrorists group they're dominating in iraq. we're going to see some of the u.s. military members. some of the military advisers that were sent there earlier in the week. they're going to come home. it's going to take a while for the government to take shape. the prime minister is required to establish a government within 30 days. we'll give it a month and see where things go from there, laura. >> let's hope things turn around, thanks a lot, richard. it is 5:he right now, switching gears, it is going to
5:45 am
be a big weekend around here for levi stadium. the yard lines painted as the 49ers will welcome fans today to watch the team gear up for the first ever game at their new home. 49ers looking to score big this weekend during that first home game at levi stadium. >> and bay area transit agencies have a new game plan to deal with the heavy crowds and the traffic so they don't get the same reputation as the stick. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from levi stadium, they're promising they learn their first ooichbt which was a tricky traffic situation two weeks ago. >> reporter: well you might remember, kris and laura, people had a long time trying to find their parking spot and after the game when the earthquakes played here in the inaugural game a couple weekends ago, people had a way to wait upwards of an hour. all involved, the team, the city, the vta, they met, made tweaks that might make life easier. traffic wise, the cities going to be open og up more lanes on
5:46 am
major routes into the stadium, engineers have tweaked the traffic signals. more policemaning the intersection as that caused the biggest havocs, more portable signs to direct fans and more parking spots available. including the massive great america parking lot which was not open a couple of weekends ago. now one thing the team would like fans to do, follow the customized directions to your parking spot, apparently many people ignored that last time around. valley transportation authority, the vta wants to avoid the hour lock wait fans had after the quake's opener. on sunday, it'll add an extra express bus line. six instead of five. and will run extra trains and will have buses running in parallel with the train routes to the stadium. when the 49ers take on the broncos in the preseason opener this sunday at 1:00 here at levi stadium, this will be a sold out crowd of 70,000 people, more than the 48,000 who attended that soccer game a couple of weekends ago. so the question is, will these tweaks be enough to accommodate
5:47 am
those extra 22,000 fans? we will find out shortly. won't we? reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell. >> sounds ominous. >> we will, bob. if you have some questions about the stadium, we have you covered. all you have to do is log on to, click on the levi stadium guide. it's at the top. there you'll find details on what to bring, what to certainly leave at home. as well as tips on getting to some of those various parking lots in the area. so it doesn't delay you. . >> you don't have to go to the website just yet to get your forecast because rob is here with us. forecast looks nice, temperatures in the mid-80s, not that candlestick weather i guess most folks are acustomed to. sunshine and warm weekend ahead for the santa clara area and the rest of the valley. temperatures climbing on up.
5:48 am
san jose 60 right now. no fog in san jose, completely different story with our sports theme related weather forecast for you here this morning. at&t park, 61 right now and we will see temperatures for the game coming up today near 65 degrees, game by the way, catch here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00 tonight. phillies taking on the giants first pitch at 7:15. so this morning, the low clouds, which came across the peninsula into the east bay, oakland down to hayward, not quite into san jose and the low clouds for now are around santa cruz, and we will see clearing and warm temperatures for now. you notice the weather system here passing off to the north, upper level low across the pacific northwest. it's the high across southern california. that's going to strengthen just enough to warm up our valleys. couple more degrees today and at least as we start the weekend, we'll notice temperatures climbing up maybe even low 90s in the forecast as early as today. if you're on the coast, not much change for you. mist and drizzle at times.
5:49 am
low clouds likely to linger into the afternoon. 85 degrees in san jose. foster city 76 degrees. and another sporting event for you coming up this evening. lions taking on the oakland raiders in oakland. temperatures in the low 70s dropping through the 0u as that game goes on. and you see the temperatures around the tri-valley for this afternoon, low 90s, pleasanton to livermore which by the way will see the same temperatures to kick off the weekend. 92 degrees in the tri-valley. notice san francisco and the south bay cooling just a little bit of a stronger sea breeze on sunday. now let's see if it's friday light in your morning commute with mike. in a word, no. we are looking at san jose where we did have the back-up now. now this clearing rob, we had this full screen backed up for five minutes. i widened out the shot, just hit the brakes and that rippled back smoothing out here. look at the south bay. the volume building north 101, and the early slow down right there has caused an issue. speeds coming into the 50s which is unusually slow for northbound
5:50 am
101 through the corridor at this time. 87, 285, holding up, that should sort itself out. we'll track that. dublin interchange moves smoothly and it'll be lighter because of a new crash westbound 580. from i know, early reports say the fast lane is blocked westbound. dublin will bear a little bit of benefit. folks will be held up here. watch as the sensors change, track that as well. now approaching the bay bridge, it's a smooth drive north of 92 on both sides of the bay. look at the bay bridge toll pla zab, we've seen this back up kick in. looks like they have turned on the metering lights, it's 5:50, we're talking about a bigger build in the city. folks check your earlier start with your friday. that's probably what's going on now. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:50 right now, new this morning, major changes coming to sea worlded. the company just announced it is expanding the habitats for its killer whales at three theme
5:51 am
parks, including san diego. the new enclosure in san diego will almost double the size of the current one, holding about ten million gallons of water. the changes come in the wake of the documentary blackfish which aims to raise public awareness of what animal rights activists say amounts to animal cruelty. san diego's new enclosure is expected to open in 2018. we have a couple of important recalls to tell you about this morning. the first you might to want check your smoke detector. if it is made by esl interlogics, then it has been recalled. the consumer products safety commission says that radio frequency interference can cause the detectors to fail. those alarms were installed in apartments, homes, commercial buildings in march of 2013 until february of this year. if you think you have one of these systems, call your security or fire system provider for a replacement. also being recalled, these vornado air brand electric space heaters. the cpsc received two dozens
5:52 am
reports of the units melting, including seven reports of them catching fire. they were sold at target, home depot, and other retail stores. consumers should stop using these units immediately and return them to their store for replacement or a refund. it is 5:51, latest film set to shoot in the bay area, coming up next.
5:53 am
5:54 am
you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone, good friday morning to you, starbucks is making changes this morning. not to your morning cup of joe, but to the company's scheduling practices. starting immediately, starbucks says it is banning so-called clopening practice. that's when workers are
5:55 am
scheduled for closing shifts and forced to return to reopen a few hours later. according to the starbucks executive, the change comes in response to a new york times story about a single mom from san diego. she was struggling to keep up with erratic hours in a grueling commute. the company says it hopes the change will help its baristas balance life and work. seems like good business practice. a live look at the home of the giants at&t park this morning after enjoying a day off, the giants are back in action welcoming in the phillies tonight. you can watch the game right here on nbc bay area, hour coverage starts at 7:00 tonight right after our 6:00 newscast. meanwhile, the a's are on the road playing in atlanta tonight. game time, 4:35. the a's have lost two in a row. the most recent one coming at the hands of the kansas city royals. a lopsided 7-3 loss. cameras will be rolling in san francisco next week for another hollywood blockbuster. >> the film has only been calmed
5:56 am
by its code name big foot on the filming notice fliers. matt rudd and michael douglas listed as stars. filming is set to take place in the tenlder loin district and around buena vista park. there will be road closures in the area next week from tuesday to friday. many suspect that big foot could be the code name for ant man. a movie based on a marvel comic is set to star both ruud and douglas. and now let's take a look at our weather forecast. >> superman. >> superman. >> superman. ant man, that makes more sense for a meteorologist turned superhero. let's look at san jose right now. clear skies, 58 degrees currently. forecast jumping into the afternoon. upper 80s, south of count stan jose today, 60s closer to san francisco. closer view of the rest of the bay area. yes, around the peninsula, highs in the mid-70s for the north bay, mid-80s and around the
5:57 am
tri-valley, some low 90s in the forecast today and we'll see about the same kicking off the weekend, mike. rob, our villan the metering light is what's causing the back-up, it's a hero for the book, here's the backup, here's one of the reasons, look at the other shot we have the bay bridge, the fog is sinking down. may have turned the metering lights on as visibility became an issue at times across the bay bridge drifting across. smooth drive on the span. map shows you the bay and the approach moving smoothly, back to you. 5:57, bidding farewell to the stick as thousands pack candlestick park one last time to witness paul mccartney bring down the house, but for some, once in a lifetime experience, they want to kind of forget part of it. plus a live look right now where any minute now we will learn the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in missouri. stephanie chuang is tracking the developments from our newsroom. she will have a live report for us coming up after the break.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
peaceful protests in ferguson overnight. but we are just moments away from a major announcement about the officer who shot and killed michael brown. and low clouds and drizzle around san francisco. some light rain around the santa cruz mountains this morning. we'll talk about that and some 90s in the forecast, coming up. unexpectedly heavy back-up via the bay bridge. crash in livermore could cause problems this friday already. taking a live look outside, look at that, sun arrived this friday morning, august 15th over the bay area, this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area,


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